Emergency Alert System


Within 15 minutes of the time an emergency is declared at Arkansas Nuclear One, Entergy Operations, Inc. must notify state officials. State officials can then notify the public of an emergency within 15 minutes by use of the Emergency Warning System. You will hear a steady siren signal lasting about three (3) minutes. If you have a Tone Alert radio, it will be activated. STAY CALM! When you hear the sirens, listen to one of the local radio stations listed below or the Tone Alert radio for additional information.

Sirens are tested each Wednesday at noon, excluding holidays or when severe weather is present.


Persons within ten (10) miles of Arkansas Nuclear One are notified of an emergency by siren and Tone Alert radio. Persons who live in an area where there are no sirens, or are hearing impaired, or require special notification are provided with these receivers FREE of charge. The system is operated in cooperation with the National Weather Service. This system is tested every Wednesday between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. If inclement weather persists, then the testing will be performed the next clear day.

All Tone Alert radios issued by this office have a battery backup feature which allows the user to install a battery. This will allow the radio to work during a power outage. You may install a battery if you desire.


If you think you are eligible for a FREE radio or should the radio you have fail to operate properly, contact:

Arkansas Department of Health Nuclear 
Planning and Response Program 
P.O. Box 1749 
Russellville, Arkansas 72811 
Phone: 479-968-7171 
Phone TDD 1-800-633-6413 or 711 after normal hours. 
Email: arkansasnuclearplanning@arkansas.gov

To report Siren Warning system problems, Tone Alert radio problems, or any urgent concern, you may call these numbers 24 hours a day.

Your Tone Alert radio is designed to receive weather information from the National Weather Service 24 hours a day. Weather information for the River Valley area will be broadcast from the Mt. Nebo transmitter on frequency 162.525 Mhz. In addition to weather information, emergency information concerning Arkansas Nuclear One will also be broadcast on this frequency.

Operating instructions for your weather radio are included with each radio issued. Should you need further assistance with your radio, you may contact the Arkansas Dept. of Health Nuclear Planning and Response Program.

Emergency Alert Radio Stations

NOTE: KXRJ is available for emergency messaging 24-hours a day. The other stations will air emergency messages as soon as the stations can be staffed during non-working hours. All stations are available during normal working hours.


KARV, AM 610
KWXT, AM 1490 
KMTC, FM 91.1 
KCJC, FM 102.3 
KXRJ, FM 91.9 
Tone Alert 162.525

KCAB, AM 980 
KCAB, FM 97.1
KWKK, FM 100.9 

KXIO, FM 106.9

KYEL, FM 105.5

KCON, FM 99.3

KARV, FM 101.3


PLEASE avoid using the telephone, if possible. All lines should be kept clear for emergency calls. You should use your telephone only to report medical, fire, or other extreme emergencies. The warning sirens, local radio stations and Tone Alert radio are designed to keep you informed during an emergency.


The siren system around Arkansas Nuclear One can also be used to alert the public of severe weather. This can be done by local officials if necessary. If a weather warning is issued, stay away from windows, doors, and outside walls. Go to the basement or interior of the house. You may want to get under something sturdy and cover your head. If you're in a mobile home or a car, it is safer to leave and find a sturdier structure. If no shelter is available, then lie flat in a ditch or ravine and cover your head. If a flash flood threatens, avoid areas that are subject to sudden flooding. Do not attempt to cross a flowing stream where water is above your knees. Do not attempt to drive over a flooded road since you could become stranded and trapped. If your vehicle stalls, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground. People often drown while trying to rescue their car.

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